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Book Avalable Here : OIGO n1 –  The Third Island by Planar

The research project, The Third Island Ag ’64 ’94 ’14, which is on exhibit in the section: ‘Monditalia’ of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, includes the creation of an annual cycle of activities and events in Reggio Calabria, with the aim of promoting an interdisciplinary, historical reflection on large-scale infrastructures in Italy. The project coincides with certain important anniversaries (1964, 1994, 2014). Calabria becomes the reason and the example for an emblematic analysis of the contemporary state of the landscape – seen not only in its physical sense but also in anthropological terms.
The research project began contemporarily with the 50th anniversary of the commencement of the building of the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway section (1964) and the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Gioia Tauro port (1994) – both remnants of the unfinished, so-called, “Pacchetto Colombo“.
The exhibition in Venice is the introductory part of a bigger and more complex journey that includes a series of in-depth activities located in Reggio Calabria and lasts for a period of one year. We aim to investigate the relationship between the presence of technology, infrastructures and the condition of today’s landscape – seen, above all, as a cultural and anthropological structure – and analyze developments through a study of its history.
The activities include photography, films, architecture, literature and journalism. The programme contains four types of events:
Resident events: In this first part, which is more private and confidential, invited guests will be taken on a journey through the places connected to the “Colombo Package” so that they can explore the local landscape and also start to become familiar with the land in order to form their first critical analysis.
Round Tables / Lectio Magistralis: These will be in-depth meetings and public discussions. The ‘Lectio Magistralis’, (plenary lectures), give an opportunity for guests to recount what they have seen and experienced during their stay. The ‘Round Tables’ are moments of discussion among the guests that are also open to the public.
Exhibitions: Following on from the exposition in the Biennale in Venice in which ‘The Third Island’ is highlighted, a parallel project will be held in the National Archeological Museum (Museo Archeologico Nazionale) that will focus on investigations into this issue and terminate in a final exhibition at the end of February. This will be full of new, unpublished material.
Workshops: The aim is to talk about the Calabrian territory. Participation is open to everybody, the intention being to understand the territory through the eyes and viewpoint of various people and to build an audiovisual product, all directed by Fabio Mollo, an experienced director from Calabria. Soon the subscriptions for the cinematography workshop will be open. Participants will be required to develop a research project between September and November under the supervision of Fabio Mollo.
The programme starts in October 2014 and continues to May 2015.

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Presented at  “Monditalia” 14. Mostra Internazionale di Architettura di Venezia

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